My creative process


It’s been said that creativity is a muscle like any other muscles and it needs regular exercise in order to develop. With this in mind I try to do a few minutes of brain storming everyday. My creative process starts with an idea of a story I want to tell and I ask myself what kind of props, wardrobe and location I want to use in order to tell the story. I draw sketches, go location hunting and visit thrift stores to search for props. This process can take weeks, even months.

I’ve been interested in art for as long as I can remember, especially in classical paintings. I really wish I could paint, but unfortunately my skills are limited to stick figures. Luckily I found photography and started experimenting with different techniques in order to make the photographs look like paintings. I like to play around with long exposure, floating fabric and different lightning techniques.

The self-portrait  above is called «What Once Was» and I wanted it to convey the feeling of decay  and transformation. I found the chairs in the woods during a walk with my dog and I knew right away that I had to bring them home with me. I did some brain storming and came up with a concept I was happy with. I knew that I wanted to take the picture on a foggy day in order to make the chairs pop against the background. After weeks of waiting the fog finally came and covered Oslo like a thick blanket. I threw the chairs in my car (rusty chairs and white leather seats doesn’t go well together) and headed for the location. Since I put so much time into the preparation, the shoot itself only took me about 10 minutes. The hardest part was to flip my hair and dress, but after  multiple tries I finally got it right. This adds a nice touch of drama to the image.

In post production I converted the image to black and white, adjusted the contrast and added some texture.

Being a creative person is both an advantage and a curse. I am very grateful for being able to create, but it wears me out too. My mind is constantly working with new images, and at times I feel trapped within it. Charles Bukowski explained it so well:

«To create art means to be crazy alone forever»

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