How I created “Running From Silence”

“Running From Silence” Self-portrait, 2015

At the time I created this picture I was very inspired by classical music and was I trying to find a way to incorporate that in my work. I think that the violin is the most beautiful of all instruments because of its elegance and beautiful esthetics. The sound of the violin is quite dramatic, and I wanted this image to have a dramatic feel to it as well. The image is called “Running From Silence” and I wanted it convey the emotions and mood people suffering from depression or other mental illnesses can experience. The immersive silence that the subject in the image is trying to escape and get rid of by using a violin. 


I had such strong feelings about this concept that I actually bought myself a violin just to create this picture. I searched everywhere trying to find one I could afford and when i came across this one I bought it right away.  

I knew that I wanted to shoot the image on a foggy day and I also wanted to use an open field. I searched for a suitable location for weeks and one day I drove past a closed golf course just outside of Oslo. The large field was exactly what I was looking for and I immediately decided that this was going to be the location for the shoot.

After weeks of waiting the foggy day finally came. The light and the fog was exactly how I wanted it to be and I ran around the field with my camera to find the best spot for the image and quickly set up my tripod.

When you are working with self-portraiture you can only guess how the picture will turn out so I had to run back and forth to the camera to check the composition, light and focus.

Suddenly the owner of the golf course approached me and was furious for parking my car on the wrong spot, even though the place was abandoned and there wasn’t car to see for miles but mine! I told him to calm down and that I was almost done. I stood there watching me while I was flipping my hair while holding a violin. It must have been a strange sight..a_not_so_successful_attempt

The hardest thing about taking the picture was to get the movement in the hair right, and I had several attempts before I got it right. I also struggled to find the right way to hold the violin. I tried many positions, but they all looked unnatural and awkward. After quite some time I got both the hair and the violin the way I wanted and quickly packed my gear and went home to edit.


In post-production I converted the image to black and white, cropped it and adjusted the brightness and contrast. I wanted this image to have a

painterly feel to it, and in order to achieve that I added a little bit of vignetting and a texture layer. On some rare occasions the image turns out just the way I planned and this is one of those images.

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